Hardy Coffee Co. was born out of Aromas CoffeeHouse and Bliss Old Market Bakery in Omaha, NE.

My first memories of coffee were with my grandparents.  In different states, around separate kitchen tables.  It was years ago, but the feeling is vivid and unchanged with time.  My grandpas both worked in construction and would start the day with a full pot of coffee and fill a thermos to take with them.  My grandmas worked in and out of the home.  They all accomplished more and loved better than you would think possible from a human and the smell of coffee on them was the smell of resilience, and strength, and stability to me.  That is still how I see them.        

Armed with these genetics and loads of encouragement, my husband and I founded Bliss Old Market Bakery in February of 2010.  At that time, we were subleasing the kitchen and small storefront from Aromas Coffeehouse downtown. A year and a half later, we were able to purchase Aromas.  We remodeled in spring of 2013 and opened a second coffeehouse location in the Benson neighborhood in October of that same year.  Our incredible team has grown with each milestone and my parents have worked tirelessly in and alongside this crazy dream.    

Ever since purchasing Aromas Coffeehouse we have been serving other folk's specialty coffee, yet always moving towards roasting in-house.  It makes sense with our brand and who we are.  We bake from scratch, not just because we are more intimately connected to the finished product that way, but also because we get to personalize the process specifically to our customers.  Roasting is the same.  We already have a tremendous customer base with valuable opinions and ideas and we want to roast for those tastebuds.  We want to roast for you.  We get to fuel difference-makers, innovators, and leaders everyday and we don't just want to follow the trends that coast cities are setting, but to be a part of creating own course here in the Midwest. 
One dedicated to you, our customers.  
One inspired by my family and maiden name.  Hardy.

-Autumn Pruitt  


Our roasting facility is located on the upper floor of Bench, in North Downtown Omaha.