Fundraising Program

Most fundraising programs are complicated and sell things that your supporters don’t use consistently, but Hardy Coffee Co. will partner with your organization to sell our three, most-popular coffees. You get to keep 40% of the sales while supporting a small business (thank you!) while we help you reach your goals.


If you are interested in organizing a fundraiser, simply contact us here and tell us a little about your organization, the timeline of your project, and how many participants will be in your group.


We create a custom webpage for your organization to share with friends and family, track all group and individual sales, and collect the money online. 
No more cash or checks to manage.

Deliver the goods

At the end of your fundraiser, we roast, package, and ship the coffee to you in bulk within one business week. You receive a check for your portion (40%) of the sales and a big ole box of coffee to distribute to your raving fans.



espresso | drip | cold brew

Tasting Notes: dark chocolate, walnut, spice


Benchmark Decaf

espresso | drip | cold brew

Tasting Notes: graham, citrus, dark chocolate


Benchmark Dark

espresso | drip | cold brew

Tasting Notes: smoke, spice, dark chocolate