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Artemis Tea & Botanical
Artemis Tea & Botanical

Artemis Tea & Botanical

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Einstein | Archetypal Tea Blend

mint • tulsi • earth
A refreshingly minty and clean nootropic herbal tonic with adaptogens that nourish the brain, help calm the nervous system, enhance memory, and promote deeper insight and creativity.

Emerald | Green Maofeng Blend
Juicy • Savory • Complex
A juicy Maofeng green blend with tropical notes of candied pineapple and citrus zest. Brews up a bright, medium-bodied liquor with savory notes of umami and whipped oat cream. Perfectly-balanced. Quintessential.

Gastronome | Ancient Medicine Tea Blend
cream • coffee • mint
A bittersweet digestif crafted to be its own gustatory event. Gastronome helps soothe the stomach and delight the senses. Notes of cream, cinnamon, coffee, and mint. An ideal following to any meal.

Huntress | Ancient Medicine Tea Blend
malt • bergamot • cinnamon
A powerful, richly layered adaptogenic tonic that promotes increased vitality, stamina, and creativity. Featuring our Artemis Grey black tea and siberian ginseng, Huntress delivers an earthy astringency balanced by sweet cinnamon and lavender.

Lady Monarch | Archetypal Tea Blend
brisk • citrus • floral
A defiant and luminous re-imagination of Lady Grey. Inspired by the transformative power of butterflies, and our humble belief this blend rules all Earls, Lady Monarch fascinates with notes of rose and citrus that rise and commingle in beautiful harmony with base notes of vanilla, graham cracker, and tobacco. A tea most worthy of your devotion.

Leo | Archetypal Tea Blend
hibiscus • cinnamon • chamomile cream
An astroherbological blend inspired by the radiance and heartfire of Leos. Notes of tart hibiscus, chamomile, and sweet cinnamon.

Minthe | Ancient Medicine Blend
Mint is a paradoxical plant – an admixture of coolness and heat, of stimulation and relaxation. Minthe is mint tea blended to perfection. Notes of sweet spearmint, spicy peppermint, and creamy vanilla.

Nocturne | Ancient Medicine Tea Blend
woodspice • lavender •. clover
Nocturne helps ease and relax the body and mind in preparation for quiet slumber. Grounding and sensually uplifting, Nocturne is smooth, fragrant, and gently intoxicating. Try with cream and honey for a calming before-bedtime treat.

Onyx | Yunnan Black Blend
Chocolate • Cassia • Peat
Both familiar and exciting, delivering a round, sweet complexity and uniquely heightened aromas of smokey milk chocolate, cassia, and peat that unfold in layers through each infusion. An ideal breakfast and afternoon tea featuring our premium Yunnan black.

Remedium | Ancient Medicine Tea Blend
savory • mint • lavender
This tea is the remedy when you aren’t feeling well. From fevers to sore throats and coughs, to body aches and fatigue, Remedium immune tonic helps to hasten your recovery during cold and flu season. Earthy and aromatic, with a touch of mint.